Family Values. Global Vision. Opportunistic Investments, Developments & Acquisitions


Our History

We thrive to make the difference. Our group exemplifies integrity, personal responsibility and a commitment to the community. We are participants in many charitable and philanthropic causes without fanfare or disclosures. Our trading businesses started in early 1970s, long before the breakup of the Soviet Union. We were pioneer in exposing people in the regions to foreign products that we supplied from Poland, Austria and France. We sourced products ranging from L'Oreal cosmetics to original Levi's jeans while still under the communist regime. We ran the largest underground cinema network to show American and French-made movies. By 1995, our group operations covered several sectors from logistics and industrial parks to real estate, entertainment and, gaming. Today, our group's companies and investments can be found in the Baltics Countries, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and most recently in USA.

Our Values

Common values shape the distinctive culture of our organization. Trust and respect are its cornerstones.

We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective. We understand our region but always study macro trends closely to discover overlooked opportunities. We find new solutions to existing problems and more profitable approaches to the running of businesses.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in our business dealings, work together and share responsibility as one team. All major decisions are based on analytical study, open debate and consensus conclusions. By adhering to these values individually and collectively, we have won the respect and long-term partnership of many of the people and organizations we work with.

Our Philosophy

Granita's investment philosophy is centered on value creation driven through an active ownership approach. We help build or contribute to building successful companies for the future by bringing both capital as well as operational skills through our network of international consultants.

Challenges dominate the business climate in our invested regions but opportunities abound. While change management is never an easy thing to achieve, we always seek to create superior returns by transforming the approach, strategy, operations and finances.